To Forgive and Forget

To err is human, to forgive and forget, divine. (Pardon the cliché!)

Forgiveness qualifies as one of the greatest gifts in life that are free. It is usually under-rated until it profoundly affects you either in the positive or negative form. How do we forgive and forget? Make amends and move ahead?

I’m not just talking about the grandeur of forgiving whoever wronged you but remember to include yourself in this scenario. What have you not forgiven yourself for? Are there hard feelings festering within you regarding someone or something that hurts you more now than if you just let it go?

To forgive and forget is the gift you give yourself; a future free from constraints of negativity lingering with the memories of hurtful situations and betrayal.

It can be extremely taxing when you choose to carry all those ‘issues’, including minute inconsistencies. Those which you refuse to relieve yourself from, even for just a brief moment: having a dusty/disorganized home, yearning for the model’s physique that you can’t seem to attain, blowing the budget during a shopping trip, devouring the cookies you promised yourself that you wouldn’t touch, or abandoning a diploma or program that was once one of your life’s goals.

The list is endless and the possibilities are limitless. We carry these around with us like a badge of honor; one which truly disempowers us.

Maybe it’s time to create a new persona which welcomes the human quality of imperfection instead of our tendency to see who can carry the most pain.

"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections, but instantly set about remedying them --every day begin the task anew." --Cheerz

Concentrate on your integrity and genuine intention in life, remove focus on its inconsistencies and forgive yourself and others. There is a burden in holding the pain. To forgive and forget benefits you by concentrating on the lesson and releasing the hurt.

Forgiveness can be a skill that, after practice, becomes easier to recognize its benefit and embrace its presence. When you free up the space in your heart and soul, by choosing to hold only the memory of the lesson from these challenges, letting go of the lingering hurt for your own benefit and giving thanks and having gratitude for them; these personal demons that originated from the situations will serve a purpose no longer.

You make available and free yourself to embrace more productive qualities such as improved personal healing, a life full of love, gratitude and abundance and boundless success you may not be previously thought possible.

You simply need to take the first steps.

To help you heal through forgiveness, try journaling and writing out what you hold inside. Simply list, with as much or as little detail that which you carry as hurt, limiting beliefs and anguish. Include people you may have also hurt when listing your own wounds. The first time you create this list, the effort will take time and consideration. Thus, you may even want to break into it with multiple sessions.

Once you have listed your so-called shortcomings, indiscretions, painful experiences and lingering hurt caused by others; then outline your intention to heal through love and forgiveness. This does not have to be written but can be helpful.

Forgive and forget: Picture replacing the darkness, negativity and general heavy malaise this list holds in you, with a wonderful, bright light, colorful or white, magnificent in its splendor. Acknowledge the value of a happy heart and soul and the benefits of forgiveness. Lighten the burden on your soul carrying these pains by releasing it to the Universe (or whatever name you give to the Higher Power) and give thanks for the opportunity to heal in this manner.

Finally, when you’re done (at least for that session), destroy the list as you release your pains to the Universe. By keeping the sheet for later review, you are clearly continuing to hold on to the hurt and the act of ‘forgetting’ is not being achieved.

Be prepared to let go. Surrender to the healing power of our wonderful Universe. Embrace the love and forgiveness we all deserve and delve deeply and wholeheartedly into the exercise, to forgive and forget. You won’t regret a single moment. I promise. Home of The Balanced Goddess