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Do you ever wonder if life is only as complicated as we make it, and we alone have the power to simplify it?

If you seek beautiful, blissful balance with success and happiness, Holistic Insight will open doors for you...

I am here to help you

...achieve the balance you seek,
...change careers,
...improve relations,
...encourage growth,
...live a life that you love,
...take risks and seek new challenges,
...discover, plan and live your life purpose,

...and more!

Some call it personal development.

I call it living fully!!

Who is The Balanced Goddess? YOU, of course!

She is a professional woman capable of success through competition and compassion, physical and spiritual pursuits. These balanced goddesses are today's confident women, they make strong decisions, take on new challenges, work hard and play harder.

Love the life you have created and take responsibility for the commitment required to be successful and balanced. There is so much opportunity for success and happiness, my fellow goddesses; isn't time to grab hold of yours?

Sarah Galbraith of Holistic-Insight.comI am located in Walkerton, ON Canada, providing Reiki training and healing attunements from my home.

I am a Certified Master Spirit Life Coach with the Certified Coaches Alliance,

as well as Reiki Master/ Teacher & Karunna Reiki® Practitioner (I&II).

Certified Coaching Alliance Membership details

You may already know how to achieve success in some areas but don’t know where to start in others.

Or you are overwhelmed by all you want to do but don’t know where to start.

You may be considering a career change but want some objective help thinking it through; or creating a plan of attack to achieve it.

I can help you achieve your goals such as:

mid-life career change,

improving your professional and personal relationships,

embrace meaningful spiritual pursuits,

learn goal setting techniques you can use now and in the future as a skill you develop.

As well I will work with you to achieve goals which require extra organization and motivation.

I can be your personal coach helping you achieve success now... Through the development (and strengthening) of the skills and characteristics shared by many of the unstoppable, successful people. These same skills and characteristics which you will continue to use to repeat your trend of success in the future with every exciting task and challenge you choose to embark upon.

As your coach, I am not here to create a dependent relationship that gives you a diagnosis of what’s wrong. A life coach is not a counselor in that sense. We are trained to help you discover what is best for you by providing motivation and accountability, asking questions that challenge you to think from a different perspective and guide you to ask more questions of yourself that will help you achieve the success you seek.

I want to help you realize just how great you really are! Embrace happiness now, instead of waiting for another task or characteristic to be developed before you allow yourself to celebrate all your achievements.

Live in the moment, for the moment and with the moment.

I can help you discover true fulfillment when you learn to follow your heart, listen to your soul, share your true person with the world, and find acceptance both within and without. You'll be supercharged with confidence, drive and positivity!

This is not a quick fix but a change for your life and like any real and meaningful change, it requires commitment. I'll help you identify your goals, outline how to prioritize and complete them. I am your loving and supportive life coach guiding and directing you to achieve all you dream!

What do you have to lose?

Welcome to Holistic-Insight.com,
the online office of The Balanced Goddess: Reiki and Life Coaching.

The Balanced Goddess Reiki and Life Coaching

My Mission: To use the skills and characteristics I’ve acquired throughout my own growth and life experiences to help those who seek true success, achieve their goals and develop the life you’ve always dreamed of having.

Using the Holistic Insight tools, I will guide you and support you in your journey, whatever it includes.

No one shall feel insignificant in anything they do!

Each person has an important contribution and we would all benefit from encouraging each other's success!

It is my mission to help you develop self confidence and to live your life purpose.

Your success is my success!

TO REACH ME: (416) 937-7108, to make an appointment. (Central time zone, Canada). Paypal is accepted.

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Buffer Negative Thoughts with Positive Self Talk and Improve Self Confidence
Negative thoughts seem almost unavoidable but can be buffered and eventually minimized by recognizing their presence and practicing positive self talk and improving your self confidence.
Buffer Negative Thoughts with Positive Self Talk and Improve Self Confidence
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