Smart Goal Setting for Success!

If you want to make smart goal setting an automatic personal response and occurrence in your everyday habits then you must first make the conscious effort to develop your awareness of how to achieve it.

Take time to discover your own motives and personal values.

SMART Goal Setting stands for:

Specific: Be very clear about what you intend to accomplish.
Measurable: You must have a quantifiable way of tracking your progress from Start to Finish.
Achievable: The goal must be challenging but realistic for you.
Relevant: Choose a goal that is in harmony with your core values and life purpose.
Time ‘specific’: Your goals must have deadlines and sub deadlines attached which improves accountability.

What is important to you?

If you want to set up goals to achieve something meaningful to You, be certain it’s in your best interest because you are ultimately using your time, effort, resources and enthusiasm to attain them.

How can you do that?

Allow this process to take time and work at it over several days or sessions. Smart Goal Setting takes time and should not be rushed. The process should be respected. The benefits of engaging fully in this process can be priceless.

Create the intention to discover what is truly important to you and allow it to simmer inside you. Pay close attention to your thoughts, feelings and actions. Allow your body to give an honest response to the questions posed. Refrain from influence based on others’ responses or societal pressures and assumptions, which can easily be compared to ‘white noise’. Great momentum will develop and fulfilment will abound when you set in motion to achieve what you truly desire regardless of others’ opinions or requests.

Excitement occurs when you discover and confirm your values, pursuits and ultimate goals. It’s a magnificent natural endorphin: True purpose.

When you identify what is important to you, go ahead and get started listing activities, tasks and maybe even qualities or characteristics required to fulfill these goals. Break it into achievable pieces that you can set reasonable timelines for. These bite-size pieces will create forward momentum whereas, tasks too broad or unreasonable will actually stagnate your progress with confusion and chaos.

Remember there is a fine line between expecting too much too quickly without careful consideration of your current skill sets and qualifications needed to complete your tasks; as opposed to allowing yourself extra time you know is definitely not required. Essentially, in that instance you are scheduling your own procrastination.

Be as smart as you know you are in your goal setting and use Reason regularly.

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Write It and Review It!

Click here for an easy pdf outline to help you start Smart Goal Setting!

Click here for an easy pdf outline to help you start Smart Goal Setting!

This is one of the smartest goal setting techniques you could ever develop.

Not only is it important to write out your goals, broken down into bite-size tasks with timelines, but you must remember to review them to assess your progress. That’s the only way to determine how much progress you’ve made, make any necessary changes such as adding or subtracting items, and improving flexibility and accuracy of timing.

Remember to set goals that are challenging, yet still achievable.

Don’t be afraid to push yourself to attain what you know, in your heart, you are capable of achieving!

Finally, use the progress review to remind yourself of how capable you are. Celebrate your achievements and gain momentum to begin the next phase.

With the diligence you develop when practicing smart goal setting; new goals and challenges will be taken on with fervour and anticipation of more growth, knowing all you’ve already accomplished.

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