Why the self-help programs just cannot guarantee personal growth success!

Have the self-help programs let you down? Have you spent more money to 'improve' yourself in a new program and just don't feel like you have achieved any personal growth success?

‘Tomorrow I’ll start a complete new program’. It’ll be different from the one last week, and last month, and last year. This one is better. It’s more comprehensive and outlines everything. There’s no guesswork! I can definitely follow this one, unlike the others.

Self-help can be just as addictive as the addictions themselves these days.

It could be the idea of ‘starting fresh’ or with a clean slate each time that drives us toward each new regime. We are afraid of what we see when we look at ourselves- outside or in- and would prefer it if it looked different. We hope another program will create a new ‘spin’ & improve the explanation of who we are and why we act the way we do, so we won’t need to work at being accountable instead.

Though, the process of change is challenging and more than we bargained for (often causing us to continuously opt for the ‘quick fix’ approach first); we need to realize effort is required and accept it, in order to start being accountable for who we are and the character we demonstrate in order to achieve our personal growth success.

It takes courage and fortitude to commit to real change. Be ready for the commitment and open yourself to the experience regardless of the outcome. There is no guarantee that the person we become is who we imagined we’d be when we started. That’s OK. Often it's better than we imagined. It’s not easy to honestly see ourselves completely and love everything. When you start to achieve this, working your way to openness and self-acceptance, there is an exciting energy that fills you because you realize your own courage and true magnificence, even in the face of adversity with our human 'imperfections'.

These days we are continuously bombarded with judgment and analysis, questioning whether we are really good enough. If you need an answer to that, it is an emphatic Yes!

We are all better than good enough. Each journey taken, to accumulate new skills, evolve beliefs and attitudes, and develop a greater sense of self is perfect for us as we immerse ourselves in the experience. There is no easy formula and we should never think of ourselves lagging in anything. Take it at your own pace. Try to be a little more open every day and you’ll discover all you were meant to.

You’ll eventually realize that the process of deliberate living is enough to change your views without insisting on succumbing to the initial excitement of a ‘new’ program that may or may not be in your best interest. Excite in your life and live it!

If a self-help program or article screams out to you to try it because it makes perfect sense, then jump in with conviction. Give yourself permission in advance to realize your own limitations without judgement or reprimand. Forgive yourself those qualities that you may not like and rejoice in your own courage to try. Only then can you achieve personal growth success.

Every time we open ourselves up to something new, encourage change and face our fears head on, we are indeed bold warriors, destined to achieve growth and success, and deserve credit for such. We will never be the same after any experience. Growth is inevitable. It’s simply more pronounced when we remain aware to live our lives fully and participate in the process; instead of forcing life to happen to us.

Be persistent and forgiving. Take the time to see yourself for everything you are completely; not just the qualities you like and find honourable. When you can do this, you will most definitely grow into that wonderful person you were meant to be, without having to try every self-help program to achieve this.

Therefore, the next time you think of starting a new self-help program, take an honest look and ask yourself whether you are running away from yourself instead of awakening to your own magnificence that already exists. We all see progress at our own pace. Personal growth success will occur but will not be achieved in the same manner for everyone due to our own astonishing uniqueness.

Celebrate it!

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