Relaxation is Serious Business!

Relaxation is more than just a luxury. It is essential to your well-being. Stress management can heal your weary body when you take it seriously.

Every day we push our bodies, minds and spirits to the limit, expecting unconditional, immediate and consistent responses like a trained athlete 24/7. Yet, often we either forget about the importance of ‘winding’ down or we simply don’t have time because our schedules are so jam packed for fear of missing out on what life has to offer or disappointing others who depend on us.

What do you do to relax? Do you make it a priority on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?

When we permit ourselves to stop and take into account what we are grateful for, what we love to do, who we love, etc then we give our body the gift of releasing built up tension and frustration, regenerating muscles including our mind and an overall path for healing that we so desperately need.

There are many ways we can include ‘relaxing’ as a regular practice. These include meditation, yoga, exercise, reading, social interactions with those we love, getting your nails and hair done, massage and other alternative healing practices such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Healing Touch, etc.

In fact, some of these ‘relaxation’ techniques come with added bonuses as a ‘side-effect’. Like a connectedness with spirit, health and fitness, lower blood pressure, etc.

For example, yoga, in its simplest form, is a means of stretching the body, improving flexibility and strengthening your core. When in actuality it is truly meant to help you connect with spirit. You want to encourage yourself to eat healthier to provide your body with essential nutrients to repair itself easier and faster and access useful energy instead of feeling depleted.

Go ahead and laugh boldly with a great friend. It has extensive healing properties. Not only is the social interaction great for your self esteem and soul by loving another and receiving it in return but the laughter itself is great for your lungs and core muscles if you allow it to be bold enough.

Now is probably a great time to try a new practice that includes nurturing your sprit by ensuring you add relaxation and a little indulgence to your regular schedule. You may be surprised by the benefits, if you haven’t already started.

You’re worth it!

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