Reiki Treatment and
Life Coaching Online / Offline Services

The Balanced Goddess offers Reiki treatments and Life Coaching both online and off.

Reiki and coaching work hand in hand, like so many holistic therapies today, to help you live fully, dream while awake and pursue everything you ever dared to imagine!

You'll love to savour every part of your life.

I am Sarah Galbraith, certified Life Coach and Usui Reiki Master, Karuna ReikiĀ® Practioner.

Using the tools of both of these East and West practices, we will work together to open yourself up and release the blocks that hold you back from success.

Success includes embracing happiness.

If you aren't excited about your day...

If you walk through life in fear... of people, situations, change, failure and even success.

If you have physical pains that keep you from living the life you know you could be enjoying...

If something is missing and you can't put your finger on it...

... then contact me for a Reiki energy healing treatment and Life Coaching.

This web site is a growing collection of articles so you may get to know me better and feel comfortable with what we can work on together and the support I will give you.

TO REACH ME: (416) 937-7108, to make an appointment. (Central time zone, Canada) or email

Your success is my success!

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