Improve your Self Confidence with Positive Self Talk

Positive self talk is paramount when developing an internal dialogue that supports growth and empowerment. The words you choose to use, both thought and spoken, directly affect your ability to navigate any situation with strong, bold self confidence, including many of life’s challenges that could bring an otherwise unprepared individual to their knees.

You may think you know what your value to the world is and assume your comfort level in society accordingly. For example: Even though you believe that your hard work and personal achievements are worthy of a pampering massage or pedicure; you have decided that you are better suited to receiving your rewards at the less expensive spa instead of allowing yourself to be at ease and relax completely in the ultra chic location. This is self worth based on an ideal provided to you rather than exuded from within you.

When your confidence resides within, you can withstand negative attack because your values are rooted with self-assurance from inside. You possess the belief that you are worthy regardless of whether others share the same opinions or not.

The ability to speak with positive, powerful and empowering words will improve your endurance of any criticism and critiquing, as well as increasing the amount of positive feedback and compliments you willing accept.

You really are worthy of indulgence, extravagance and more. Your hard work deserves reward regardless. Your potential is vast and should not be capped by our limiting scale of self worth.

With positive talk, you surround yourself with supportive, influential words and ultimately begin to develop the confidence you seek to improve.

Words are powerful.

Acknowledge this and make it a conscious part of your day because it will help you succeed.

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Take a look at the difference between ‘limiting’ words and phrases and compare them to those which empower you.

Words to Empower You!

Note the differences between both columns, especially those words highlighted with an asterisk. Take some time to say them out loud and feel how much stronger the empowering words are.

Once you are readily armed with your powerful positive words, make an effort to use ONLY those in your thoughts, spoken and influlencing your actions. The more you are capable of surrounding yourself with strong, positive energy and empower yourself; it will be easier to phase out gossip, nay-sayers and those individuals who are not interested in what's best for you and may even undermine your success.

When you eliminate the excess negativity, you create a void that can now be filled with positivity (in your thoughts, the people surrounding you, and the words chosen to empower you daily)!

So go ahead and Choose empowering words, use the list above. Enliven the energy put forth to the world with the words that strengthen and feed your spirit when spoken aloud.

Without a higher self worth, you will have a tendency to doubt whether the rewards are truly yours to embrace. By developing a positive attitude, not as an outward façade but a true projection of your inner self, including using positive self talk (as a start), you can easily recognize that you have as much value as anyone else.

Accepting your greatness is more natural when you can believe it is actually who you are.

Realize your value, strengthen and solidify the base of your self worth and feel your confidence increase daily.

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