Dance Meditation Technique

Using this meditation technique, you can experience joy and freedom in your body any time you choose!

You wake one morning and find yourself with some extra time. Whatever shall you do? Instead of plunking yourself down in front of the television or onto the internet, take a moment to enjoy one of life’s magical splendours: the healing energy of Dance.

Start by playing some music that stirs your soul within. Allow serenity and pleasure to fill your core and gradually make its way to the surface like an ocean wave rolling onto shore; brought in by the tides of your spirit.

Begin moving any way your body chooses. Do not allow the presence of judgement when choosing movement because it serves no purpose but to hinder the energy flow within. Learn to express yourself in your own unique way.

As the music plays, let the ripples of emotion felt through each note infuse your spirit and allow yourself this magical gift of expression.

Perhaps, think of your favourite animal and imagine yourself being this animal. You could be big and strong and move stealthlike as a tiger, or you could be small and meticulous and weave intricately like a spider.

The inspiration for your movement is limitless.

In fact, choose more than one and express them individually but feel the energy they bring to yourself and your day. How do you choose to express the animal’s energy and persona at this moment?

Allow yourself to strengthen within from this magnificent connection to the animal spirits.

Dance as though you are intimately connected to the sweet expressions eminating from each musical note. Feel the music you love and move it throughout your entire body. Fill the room with your love, then the house and eventually it will occupy any space you do and follow you through your entire day!

You cannot help but rejoice the healing energy that moves within you when you choose to connect to the animal spirits and the true magnificence of music without assuming the need for interpretation from others or judgement of movements.

Let the expression of joy and love resonate from within!

This is not meant to be a logical process but a spiritual connection to help you become in tune with yourselft. This type of wonderful vibration infused through your participation can last all day long. It aids to ground you, reduce your stress and remind you of your own strengths available when the stress of everyday challenges appear.

Remember to approach challenges head on with the amazing energy and love attained during your Meditation Dance!

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