How Do You Manage Stress?

How do you manage stress?

When your days get hectic and the proverbial to-do list becomes unmanageable; what do you turn to as a means to manage stress? There are always plenty of options. Some of which are more obvious choices for positive benefits as opposed to other more detrimental ones.

So how do we decide what our relief will come from? We may choose using careful thought and consideration. Although admittedly, quite often the choices are thrust upon us as ‘easy’ alternatives and the simple notion that life happens to us is the more common occurrence.

Just because we may not enjoy our automatic responses, we don’t want to put in the extra effort to make the changes required to admit what isn’t working and identify what outcomes we truly seek. These ‘automatic’ responses that we choose to live with are often compounding the issues. Instead, ideally, we need to create relief, learn to relax even in trying times and manage stress that is inevitable in everyone’s life.

How often do we seek to grab that delectable pastry at the sweet counter when we finally finish a chaotic and stressful day? Or partake in a little retail therapy in the form of shoe shopping, buying clothes, bidding on ebay auctions, and collecting oodles of electronic devices as a response mechanism to emotional misconduct? We even distract ourselves with movies and television and engross ourselves in gambling and gaming, to avoid the concentration required to solve the problems that cycle in our lives continuously.

The frustration alone that exists from the cycle is enough to create another.

The most rewarding things in life are sought consciously and require effort. They are earned. I say this as a reminder to you that it’s better to seek your true spiritual pursuits (even if they aren’t easy) which help you manage stress instead of creating it.

These pursuits could be absolutely anything in the world, so long as they provide fulfillment and purpose. The deep breath you take whilst walking amongst the forest’s magical wonders, writing in a journal, seeking true relations with others, music, dance, creating a balanced household budget and teaching others to enjoy the same, a clean organized home which welcomes guests at any time and provides solace to a weary family when needing a little TLC… These are all great examples but merely just that. You have numerous options to choose from.

The key to a great activity is one which gives energy, life and inspiration.

Have you ever felt drained from an activity you performed instead of invigorated? Does this happen more often than not? Stress kills. I repeat. Mismanaged stress is a demon. It degrades the human spirit over time, if allowed to take control and eventually manifests in the physical, mental and emotional forms such as illness and dis-ease.

When you manage stress with zest and encourage it’s presence in ‘controlled’ doses you become a well-rounded, healthy human with limitless potential for your own spirit as well as others. We often lead by example. Wouldn’t you love to be that kind of leader who is balanced, happy, adaptable and inspiring? I do.

There are numerous questions you can ask yourself to discover why you respond in your specific manner when coping with stress. The time to ask these questions is when you are ready to hear the answers. Honesty isn’t always easy but it is mandatory when you seek genuine introspection to your soul.

First of all; consider what your responses are to stress, why you choose them and identify how it is affecting you. Then, identify what response you choose to have, outline your intention and make a point to create that solution. How can you ensure you have the more desirable response? This will be unique for everyone which is why it’s important for genuine introspection. The whole exercise will save a lot of hassle in your life. It’s worth the effort but only when you’re ready to commit.

Once you’ve decided to change the negative responses to stress and chaos, now you can complete the transformation with fruitful, inspiring activities that feed your soul. When you identify what you love to do then light and positive energy is sure to radiate from within you and draw others who are similar to you as well.

Make sure it truly feeds your soul. Let yourself experience all that life is and can be. Just remember; if you don’t think you’re good at something, remember that it takes practice to improve, for one thing. Secondly; just because you are not an expert does not mean you can not derive pleasure from the participation.

It is imperative you control stress with as much diligence as balancing a household budget, or completing a training regimen for a triathlon. The results are guaranteed to free you and let you start living your dreams!

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