The Importance of Time Management

The importance of time management is to become efficient completing tasks and achieving goals; through minimization of waste, of your time, energy and enthusiasm; and maximizing your output by focussing on tasks and goals that will fuel and drive new momentum with each successful task completion.

1. Minimize waste: Including time, energy and enthusiasm.
We have a tendency to add too many tasks to our to-do list than are reasonably achievable. This makes it impossible to feel successful and accomplished because of the infinite number of outstanding tasks remaining. Realize that you do this. You are always going to want to do more, see more and achieve more but set your sights on what is most important to you first and work from there. That is an essential key to the importance of time management!

Also, realize when you try to complete too much your focus is scattered on too many tasks. Your actions are not congruent with your desires if you seek to perform these tasks with quality and efficiency.

Not only is it important to maintain focus on your goals and develop efficiency when completing your tasks for great time management but it is imperative that you be Reasonable in your expectations. A bodybuilder who normally lifts 100lbs would not jump to 200lbs when trying to improve their strength because it is more likely to cause injury than working up in smaller increments. Remember that limitations and reason work on your behalf to help develop a plan that is realistic and more attainable than would be if you tried to jump in without thought and preparation.

2. Task completion leads to more task completion.
This is an additional key for the importance of time management that is efficient and fulfilling. The task itself of managing our minutes, activities and daily pursuits can seem rigid and confining without some sort of positive feedback. Enthusiasm and momentum are amplified with the completion of each new task that will eventually move you closer to the end result, which is attaining your Goals. As long as your Goals are what you truly desire and are in your best interest then there is no better fuel than finishing a job and doing it well. It just feels Great!

Understanding the Importance of Time Management, its key factors and how to use them is crucial when you are developing your efficiency setting goals and completing tasks but remember not to overlap such management ‘techniques’ when developing superior human relationships.

Therefore, I would not recommend trying to manage ‘quality time’ with your fiancée, or developing and strengthening your relationship with your teenage son as though it is a fixed goal. Remember that human relationships flow with the ‘ebbs’ and ‘tides’ of life and cannot be outlined and defined as easily as your other tasks. These are ongoing and fluid; they change and grow just as you yourself do daily and require consistent attention.

Human relations require a different mindset. That type of approach is a bit rigid and has the opposite effect of the original intent. It can develop into resentment from parties involved because you feel as though you are being ‘widdled’ down to the lowest common denominator if treated as though you are just another tangible task.

Instead, approach them with the idea that your time is allotted for spending it with them but the quality that results when developing the real relationship comes from listening to, interacting with, knowing and understanding each individual person you spend your time with. Never assume you can rush or contain human connections the way you would expect to complete follow-up emails or write up your minutes from the morning meeting.

There is importance in time management when you are setting up, organizing and working towards completion of tangible personal and professional goals. Continue to develop great characteristics regularly, this can only benefit you.

Use what you know to define how you grow. Every time you learn something new, or verify what you knew but may not have practiced, then jump in and let it influence the success you know you can attain.

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