Feed your Soul with Powerful Healing Energy!

Are you surrounded by healing energy? Do those around you encourage, excite and inspire you?

Take a moment to think about the energy that surrounds you. Is it positive, healing and supportive? Or does it diminish and drain your spirit?

We are surrounded by a variety of energy sources that range from positive to negative, fulfilling to draining, self-destructive to healing. You have a choice to succumb to the negativity that exists around you or you can recognize the glorious power and healing potential in positivity. This does not negate realism but encourages hopeful thought, positive thinking, a gracious attitude, and approaching life including challenges with a sense of curiosity and wonderment.

All too often our common environment includes mistrust, control issues, and opposition rather than genuine love and support. We have to make an effort to keep positive thinking as our norm instead of reverting to cynicism and doubt.

Even when we know these behaviors are far from ideal; we are continuously drawn to them out of familiarity.

Surround yourself with positive, supportive, loving people. It ensures your best interests are considered by everyone (including yourself) instead of having to fight for such focus and consideration. Your mind, body and spirit find more fulfillments in these supportive environments.

As such, you’ll notice how much easier it is to return attention for everyone else’s best interest without feeling drained or taken advantage of because you are comfortable knowing the positive intent is reciprocated.

When everyone has such great intentions and love, the entire environment simply becomes full of love, respect, success and healing energy that nurtures your spirits.

Beware: It is possible to fall into the trap swinging between only taking and expecting too much from others, to giving more of ourselves than we should.

When you refuse to give in return for what you take, you drive others away or create animosity in the energy around you. Yet, no one can maintain a life of just giving either. Without ensuring you provide your own nurturance to replenish your spirit, eventually you'll reach a peak where nothing is left to give, resulting in burnout and hardening of your positive attitude and compassion.

Find the ideal balance between the two and you’ll maximize your group dynamic (whether it is family, friends, committees, etc) that encourages individual success without resentment and still considers the goals and focus of the group.

Self respect and self confidence are required to stand for yourself; especially when it feels like all others have abandoned you. Recognize the benefits of this type of healing energy and make an effort to surround yourself with it.

You can start this by noting your internal dialogue, how you allow others to speak to you and the attitudes they possess around you. Even your own choice of empowering words spoken and thought can make you stronger and attract similar and even stronger people into your lives.

With the healing energy of love and gratitude around you, your life fills with more. And that’s a cycle we could all benefit from!

It’s an amazing transformation. You won’t regret the effort it takes to initiate these changes because with each new step your world fills with an abundance of love, gratitude and self-fulfillment…

Thanks to the power of positive, healing energy!

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