Are You Feeling Guilty?

Habitually feeling guilty may distract you from the happiness and joy you deserve. Guilt can be used as a control mechanism. Using guilt as a means to acquire from others what we want or vice versa can distract you from your genuine feelings and actions. We can manage without the presence of such guilt associations.

Guilt is not an attribute that propels us toward fulfillment and success. It does not encourage advancement but works at keeping the status quo, a stagnant state of mediocrity and discontent. When we recognize feeling guilty as a vice, we have the opportunity to openly respect its presence and look for its true purpose.

This is the gift we acquire when we face such fears and acknowledge our own inevitable human qualities.

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got." --Cheerz

We cannot eliminate all that is ‘bad’ in our lives and why would we want to? The beauty lies in recognizing our strengths to live with and overcome these limiting human characteristics and work toward success regardless! Do you know anyone who strives for such absolute perfection? Will they ever truly be happy in such a state?

After awhile we become experts at predicting when we think its ‘appropriate’ to assume the guilt that previously would have been applied without the actions of the normal third party actually applying any guilt. In essence, we do it for them.

Feeling guilty is an art form for some.

When we think we have too much of a good thing in comparison to those we care about then we start feeling guilty; as though there is a fixed amount of happiness and we have the monopoly on it. We may also wonder why others don’t have their own share of life’s guilt based on our personal calculations from the sliding scale of worth.

Why don’t we all try to imagine the limitless abundance of happiness available in the world to date and rejoice in what we have instead? The opportunities available such as a great job, wonderful community, our family and friends, etc. These all contribute to our magnificence that we can easily appreciate through daily gratitude. Let that feeling of amazement and gratitude replace the feeling of guilt.

Recognize guilt for what it is: Our Adversary of Happiness!

Genuine happiness for you is possible. Realize life is learning, discovery and adventure. Instead of chastising yourself for succumbing to your adversaries; rejoice in the fact that we quickly recognize their presence, acknowledge the qualities we possess that minimize its effect and work towards strengthening your other amazing qualities.

Embrace the gift known as ‘Knowledge and Growth’ and rejoice in living fully in the moment as the strong and confident person you know you are.

Don’t let feel guilt slow your progress to your ultimate goals. Embrace your freedom to discover and live your life purpose! Achieve genuine Happiness in everything you do!

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